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Voice of Participants

program description of CLTP9

Kei Yasukawa

Class of CLTP9

Present Status: sophomore in Muroran institute of technology
Field of specialization: aerospace engineering
Present research interests: CubeSat , artificial satellite

Statement of Purpose

I want to study satellite in as many ways and for long as possible. I feel that by participating in this wonderful event it will be possible for me to learn more about satellite and their future

Feedback from CLTP

I understood the communication method with the ground station, the flow of the satellite one day and the importance of time management.

Vision for the future

I would like to teach younger people what I learned this time, and I would like to develop artificial satellite actually based on the knowledge learned this time

Message for future CLTP participants

If you want to learn about artificial satellite, I think that it is worth participating enough. English is essential so please do your best at studying.

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