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CLTP graduates' leadership in their countries!
CLTP graduates' leadership in their countries!

program description of CLTP8

Tomoyuki Yamasaki

Class of CLTP8

Bio Presentation
Bio Final Presentation

University: The University of Tokyo
Status: Senior
Field of specialization: Electric Propulsion

Statement of Purpose

The course would CLTP would teach me the fundamentals of satellite engineering. This would be very beneficial to my study as my speciality is propulsion for satellite; knowing the whole system of the satellite would be helpful.

Feedback from CLTP program

Detailed process of development of the satellite and its mission along with the method of breaking each component into subsystem, testing them, and integrating them was taught. Trainee would know about the satellite enough to be able to teach the same course to others by themselves.

Vision for the future

I would make use of what I have learned to further improve my speciality and also spread the knowledge to my colleague.

Message for future CLTP participants

This intensive, hands-on course would teach you all you would need to know to start a satellite engineering project if done correctly. Since this course is not a lecture style, participant's high motivation is necessary to fully success in the course. It is advised that participants prepare an idea of possible mission that they want to achieve with satellite and practice basic programming and electrical engineering equal to bachelor's degree before participating to make the most out of the program.

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