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Rakesh Chandra Prajapati

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Bio Bio

Present Status: Originally from Nepal, but now working and living in Switzerland. Promoting Space Education in Nepal via ORION, Space.
Present position: Senior Test Engineer at Helveting AG, Switzerland. And, Founder of ORION Space, Nepal
Present Research Interests: Testing of small satellites, Control and Automation using LabVIEW, PocketQube, CanSat, LabVIEW based ground station development.

Statement of Purpose

Educate and Promote Space Science in Nepal by using CanSat projects. Long term goal is to make small satellites (PocketQube and CubeSat) in Nepal.

Feedback from CLTP program

CLTP has taught me how to make Paper Rocket which is very new to me. We, ORION Space, have been developing CanSat in Nepal based on Arduino kit and add-on shields with sensors, like, temperature, gyro, accelerometer but we were wondering how to make rocket, and how to launch the CanSat. Now, I am confident to launch CanSat in Nepal using Paper Rocket.
Beside training, we also make bonds with our colleagues coming from different countries, and who share similar interest. Meeting people and making links, and complement each other is another important aspect of CLTP program.
CLTP training gives the complete cycle of space engineering project development, starting from Mission Statement, Hardware and Software Building, Testing, Launch and Data Analysis in a very short time frame.
I also learnt some Japanese culture, and experience it from closer while working and going out for dinner with professor and teaching assistants, which I did not get during my visit in 2013 as a tourist.

Message for future CLTP participants

I strongly recommend to participate CLTP training program if you are a space enthusiastic, and willing to promote space education in your country and community. CLTP training can be your spring board to reach higher and achieve your dream of promoting CanSat project in your country.

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