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Voice of Participants

program description of CLTP7

Khash-Erdene Gankhuyag

Class of CLTP7

Bio Bio

Present Status: Master Student
Present position: Master Student
Field of specialization: Automatic engineering of industrial
Present Research Interests: Micro and Nano-Satellites,

Statement of Purpose

May I find know how micro and nano satellite works future develop of Cansat.

Feedback from CLTP program

more things learned by this CLTP 7 program, it is an excellent understand is explained. More comfortable was precise management between lecture and practice. So I like this method.

Vision for the future

I hope further develop this CLTP program I will launch micro and nano satellite its own country.

Message for future CLTP participants

it is very interesting CLTP program and excellent understand lesson and practice in every day. How to make is organized precise management.

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