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Gorki Encarnacion Morrobel

Class of CLTP7

Bio Bio

Present Status: Electronic Engineering professor, UNAPEC. Dominican Republic
Present Research Interests: Embedded system design, extreme camera designs, product development and cycle, hardware design

Future Plan

A) Phase 1:
To start the process of motivating other teachers and students through workshops that explain the experience of CLPT (Oct-Nov 2016).
- Conduct first training course at the University of Cansat UNAPEC.
The main objective of this course is to introduce the concept of Cansat learned in Japan and try to build a model similar to the CLPT (January-February 2017).

B) Phase 2:
- To organize an internal competition with students from the university, which consists of building a Cansat with modified the original design features learned in the CLTP. It will reward the most innovative models (March-April 2017).

C) Phase 3:
- Use the experience of Phase 2 to promote other educational institutions Cansat technology and organize 1 to 2 courses with teachers and students of those educational institutions in the country (May-October 2017).

D) Phase 4:
- Organize and be a leader of a multidisciplinary scientific research project to design and build a Cubesat. Possible missions:

- To study the incidence of dust from the Sahara desert on our island every year crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to the Caribbean and Central America.

- To study the effects of gases from power plants, which generate from coal, forests of the Dominican Republic. (November 2017-December 2019)

Feedback and Message

Hello people,
My name is Gorki Encarnacion, from the Dominican Republic, and I want to tell you briefly my experience at CLTP 7 held in Hokaiddo, Japan.
First, sharing with UNISEC staff and learning from them is a unique opportunity, of which I feel privileged because they dominate Cansat technology at a high level. Second, meeting people from other countries with the same goals and dreams is a gift that CLTP offers us in this important annual activity, where we will apply the theoretical knowledge learned in the first stage that is online, in the construction of a Cansat and A paper rocket, for making experiments with them and take measurements in a similar way to a satellite that is in space.
The most important thing about CLTP 7 is that now I can multiply this knowledge with the students and teachers of my country so that in the near future the Dominican Republic will be part of the world community that helps improve the life of the human being through scientific research using Satellites.
Therefore, I invite all of you to be motivated and participate in the next CLTP. In UNISEC we need people like you to promote aerospace engineering studies through learning of Cansat.

Thank you Very much.

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