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Ivandro Rodrigues

Class of CLTP6


Bio Bio

Present Status: Researcher
Present position: Head of the Department in Electrical Engineering
Angolan Methodist University
Field of specialization: Telecommunication
Present Research Interests: Wireless Communication, Space mission design and analysis, and Beam-forming technology.

Statement of Purpose

To introduce CanSat concept to the students in the Universities, and help the Angolan Office for Space Affairs (GGPEN), by assisting them in teaching CanSat in Angola, as part of support for capacity building program for the ANGOSAT project, the first Geo-communication Satellite project in Angola.

Feedback from CLTP program

CLTP-6 gave the necessary background to combine the theoretical and practical knowledge to someone who wants to enter in the space technology field. This hand’s on training was the very effective first step towards real satellite development that I can ever have. I am looking forward to share and gain more experience in the space technology field in order to be able to help capacitating people in Angola toward space technology.

Message for future CLTP participants

If you want to learn and gain more practical experience working with small satellites CLTP is the first step training towards real satellite development.

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