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Saurov Podder

Class of CLTP12

Present status: Electrical and Electronic Engineer
Present position: Research Assistant
Field of specialization: Embedded systems, 3D Design, Artificial Intelligent
Research Interests: Embedded Systems, Image processing, Internet of Things, Structure, Cubesat Technology

Statement of Purpose

I'm motivated to join the CLTP program to improve my leadership skills and teaching methods. I'm also keen on understanding the global impact of the Hepta-Sat system. Given the CLTP's hands-on learning and diverse participants, I see it as the perfect opportunity to accomplish these objectives.

Feedback from CLTP12

The CLTP provided me with an exceptional experience through which I gained valuable insights into CubeSats. The learning platform significantly enhanced my comprehension of satellite systems. The learning modules proved to be engaging, particularly due to their interactive design. The guidance and assistance offered by the Instructors and Teaching Assistants were both highly beneficial and personable.

Vision for the future

To develop some low earth orbital missions and promote the space system educations. Additionally, I aspire to share my insights and experiences with those in my community.

Message for future CLTP participants

The CLTP has been meticulously designed to provide individuals with fundamental insights into the realm of satellite development. The interactive design module offers a practical and enjoyable learning experience, making complex concepts accessible. For those keen on enhancing their understanding of satellite systems, the CLTP serves as an excellent platform. I extend my sincerest well-wishes for your future endeavors.

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