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Rogel Mari Sese

Class of CLTP12

Present status: Full-Time Professor
Present position: Chair, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Field of specialization: Computational Astrophysics, Instrumentation Physics, Space Education, Space Law and Policy, Science Communication
Research Interests: UAV Development, Rocket Development, Small Satellite Development, Space Systems Engineering, Satellite Applications, Observational Astronomy

Statement of Purpose

I joined CLTP 12 to participate and learn more about satellite systems engineering. I am interested in learning about the HEPTASAT system since it is a new system compared to the previous cansat. Having integrated the previous Cansat training to the BS Aerospace Engineering program of our university and have trained various schools as well, I am interested in learning about the new system to help improve space engineering education in the Philippines.

Feedback from CLTP12

The CLTP 12 was an amazing and wonderful experience! I have participated previously in CLTP4 but I still learned a lot of new things and gained more experience in building a small satellite. The HEPTASAT (and HEPTASAT Lite) are excellent tools to teach satellite engineering in our home countries.
My fellow participants were all amazing and we learned not just about satellites but also about each other's culture. I'm very grateful to Prof. Yamazaki and Prof. Sakamoto in sharing their knowledge and expertise in satellite systems. The TAs were also very helpful in assisting us in making our own HEPTASATs.
The past two weeks were very hectic but a great experience! Sometimes the tasks can be overwhelming, but just like in a real satellite development program, everything can be accomplished with focus, dedication teamwork and perseverance.

Vision for the future

Having been part of both CLTP4 and CLTP12, I plan to further promote satellite engineering education in the Philippines. I am planning to have a HEPTASAT Training in the Philippines by November 2023 to encourage and teach more students and professionals how satellites are designed, built and operated.
From 2024, I plan to revive the Cansat Training Program and National CanSat Competition for Students which we did in the Philippines from 2014 - 2018. However, I plan to include new developments and improvements that were learned in CLTP12 to make it more understandable and but at the same time make it challenging and exciting!

Message for future CLTP participants

The CLTP is one of the best experiences for beginners and experts alike to learn about satellite engineering and systems engineering education. While the schedule can be hectic and challenging, you will get to learn a lot how satellites are designed, built, tested and operated just like in real space missions. The HEPTASAT is a great training tool to understand the details of satellites and can be used to teach students and non-space professionals in your home country.
I encourage everyone to apply for the CLTP, especially if you want to learn how to make satellites and to teach it to others. Being part of the CLTP will help you a lot in promoting and improving space education since you get to learn new knowledge but at the same time also learn from the experience of fellow participants. It's also a great opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and taste Japanese food! In the end, the CLTP will always be a memorable experience that you will cherish and treasure for the rest of your career.

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