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Nazgul Kaliyeva

Class of CLTP12

Present status: PhD
Present position: Acting associate professor
Field of specialization: Mechanics
Research Interests: Theoretical Mechanics and Celestial Mechanics, Control Theory, Spacecraft Attitude Control System, Small spacecrafts formation flying

Statement of Purpose

I expect this program will increase my practical skills in space system design, CubeSat design and their subsystems. In addition, I want to develop teaching skills in the field of satellite design. And transfer this knowledge to the students of my university.

Feedback from CLTP12

During my participation in this training, I gained a lot of new knowledge. The course was organized at the highest level. Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to take part in this HEPTA-Sat Training Program. I thank the lecturer, teaching assistants for their help and support, and my team for the work done in a very short time. Special thanks to Rei-Sun and Youshi-San.

Vision for the future

Kazakhstan started its space program 20 years ago. And at the moment, it is actively developing the design of spacecraft. I hope to implement part of this course in my courses at the university and dream of organizing this course in Kazakhstan.

Message for future CLTP participants

I highly recommend this practical course not only to students, novice engineers, but also professionals in the field of satellite design. Here I met many like-minded and interesting people from different countries.

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