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Chengling Kuo

Class of CLTP12

Present status: Research Faculty
Present position: Department of Space Science and Engineering, National Central University, Taiwan
Field of specialization: Physics and Space Science
Research Interests: Atmospheric electricity and Cubesat technology

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of application is to being one of tutors for HEPTA-Sat kit. Using HEPTA Sat kit, we let our students to understand the CubeSat subsystem through hand-on courses. Through the CTLP training course, we can help students to develop their CubeSat projects and to implement their crazy idea in space mission.

Feedback from CLTP12

I'm enjoying the lab work and team work of HEPTA-Sat kit. We are expected to work for the mission design and implement within less than one week, including the hand-on exercise, quiz and short questionnaire. Our group also make a good achievement on final hand-on HEPTA-Sat kit. Without assistance from Instructor (Prof. Masahiko Yamazaki) and Teach Assistant (Miura), it is impossible to learn everything from HEPTA-Sat kit and finish the mission design for HEPTA-Sat.

Vision for the future

The HEPTA-Sat is a start-up kit to learn everything about the cubesat mission especially for students and teachers. We look forward to having the opportunity to join the activities in the futures and also to learning more about HEPTA-Sat and HEPAT-Sat lite projects.

Message for future CLTP participants

Highly recommend you to join the CLTP not only for learning the HEPTA-Sat but also experience :

  • Japanese food and culture
  • Members from different countries
  • Atmosphere in learning, exercising and hard working
  • Ecosystem of education in UNISEC

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