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Sopagna Ath

Class of CLTP10

Present Status: Master (M1), Tokyo Institute of Technology
Present position: Student
Field of specialization: Dynamic Modeling, Simulation and Control
Research Interests: Unmanned Arial Vehicles, Attitude Control of Satellite

Statement of Purpose

Talking about satellite in my country seems a very new field of study and research. To start our work on satellite requires more skillful people with high commitment; however we have built a team to start, human resource is still a problem. In my point of view, we would better start building up our capacity by learning from other countries which have succeeded in building satellite like Japan. Both knowledge and experience would bring us a success.

Feedback from CLTP10

Attending this training provides us knowledge on both hands-on experience and project management skill to complete our team mission. Not only we are learning from them but also we will practice teaching other people who come from different fields. I would say no matter which field we are from, taking part in this training, we will be able to capture the whole process of how satellite works.

Vision for the future

I was in the training for the first step. Next, I would become a coordinator, an instructor to share this knowledge to Cambodian people. Together, we form a team, design a mission and make use of our satellite to achieve mission goal.

Message for future CLTP participants

I would highly recommend those who are interested in satellite technology to attend this training base on two main reasons. The first reason is that if we don't actually know how we start a satellite project, this training will guide you to have more idea on that. The second reason is that we will become an instructor or a leader to spread the knowledge to other people in our country.

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