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Voice of Participants

program description of CLTP10

Mustapha Faqir

Class of CLTP10

Present Status: Associate professor
Present position: Academic director of UIR aerospace engineering school
Field of specialization: Microelectronics
Research Interests: Modelling, FEM analysis, Thermal management, reliability

Statement of Purpose

CLTP will allow us to get the required knowledge to start working in space engineering related topics. On the other hand we will be able to share this hands-on experience with others in different contexts.

Feedback from CLTP10

Great experience in which we learnt many things about satellites and engineering systems in general.

Vision for the future

We will try to implement the same approach for our students so that they will be able to understand all the stages of satellites design. This will allow them to apply the same approach for other engineering systems as well.

Message for future CLTP participants

You will get a worthwile hands-on experience and a lot of knowledge in a relatively short amount of time.

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