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CLTP graduates' leadership in their countries!
CLTP graduates' leadership in their countries!

program description of CLTP10

Meshack Kinyua

Class of CLTP10

Present Status: I have graduated from CLTP10 and continually practicing. I have plans to carry out trainings using the HEPTA-Sat kit
Present position: Space applications training officer at the African Union Commission
Field of specialization: Space systems
Research Interests: Satellite Power subsystem and launching

Statement of Purpose

For the satellite power subsystem, I want to establish wireless power distribution within the satellite, and for the launching my goal is to violate the rocket equation by finding new cheaper ways of placing spacecrafts in orbit.

Feedback from CLTP10

The CLTP10 was a life-changing moment in the sense that I got the chance to integrate all the satellite subsystems and test them. To me this is the beginning of deeper learning into the power subsystem of the satellite

Vision for the future

Establishing wireless power supply within the satellite subsystem and violating the rocket equation of launch

Message for future CLTP participants

I would like to highly recommend the future participants to endeavor passing the acquired knowledge to other interested people in their circles

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