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YiYong Ang

Class of CLTP9

Present Status: 3rd year Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering
Present position: Bachelor student at Muroran Institute of Technology, Hokkaido, Japan
Field of specialization: Mechanical, Telecommunication
Present Research Interests: Nano-satellite, Planetary Rover, Implementation of Artificial Intelligence for satellite development

Statement of Purpose

I believe that aerospace is not only about the aircrafts and rockets, but the integrity of aerospace industry always returns huge impact and good benefits back to the society. I am a Malaysian, one of my purposes and dreams is to learn the aerospace technology and knowledge of satellite from Japan. In the future, I will contribute myself to the national space agency of Malaysia with full of knowledge of aerospace, also to be the bridge-person between Malaysia and Japan for more collative programs.

Feedback from CLTP

Through this CLTP program, I have learned the essential knowledge to develop a nano-satellite. Besides, CLTP provided a very good platform gathering aerospace's professional people from all over the world. The most important thing that I have gained through this program is the confidence and motivation to not only build our own nano-satellite, but also to share the knowledge of satellite, cultivate the interest of youth in aerospace.

Vision for the future

I hope this CLTP program would inspire more educators, students and non-engineers throughout the globe and I believe it is possible to improve the environment for developing satellite.

Message for future CLTP participants

Programming is the essential knowledge to help you understand more. And because of the intensiveness, I will suggest you prepare well your English language level in order to use your time efficiently. You should not miss this great opportunity. ^.^

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