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Jargalsaikhan Azjargal

Class of CLTP9

Present Status: Bachelor of Avionics Engineer
Present position: Patent Examiner at Intelectual Property Office of Mongolia
Field of specialization: Electronics, Telecommunication
Present Research Interests: CubeSat, Reconfigurable Onboard Computers, Reconfigurable Software Defined Radio

Statement of Purpose

I have always been interested in subjects that relate to science and technology. My ultimate objective is to help my home country achieve the international benchmarks of technology.

Feedback from CLTP program

In the past, Satellite was only used in rich governments and wealthy corporations. Nowadays, the CubeSat has allowed all countries to have satellites. And the CLTP program allows students, teachers and engineers from all over the world to start their own satellite. HEPTA-Sat has many components which CubeSat has such as GPS, camera, thermal sensor and attitude sensor etc. The HEPTA-Sat can guide us to a real satellite. Finally, CLTP teachers and teaching assistants were very friendly and helpful.

Vision for the future

CLTP9 training helped me to learn many things about HEPTA-Sat. I want to learn more things deeply about CanSat, HEPTA-Sat and CubeSat and I would like to teach Mongolian students everything what I learned.

Message for future CLTP participants

This practical training program helped to better theoretical understanding. If you have the opportunity to participate in CLTP, please do not miss this opportunity.

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