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CLTP graduates' leadership in their countries!
CLTP graduates' leadership in their countries!

program description of CLTP9

Baasandorj Baasanbold

Class of CLTP9

Present Status: Preparing to study for Ph.D, maybe in Japan
Present position: Lecturer at Mongolian University Science and Technology
Current research interests: Applying Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles in Mongolia, Nanosatellites

Statement of Purpose

In my opinion , aerospace is the world's new future ocean to communicate each others. Specially for Mongolia a landlocked country more important. Japan is a manufactured country, Mongolia is not. In Mongolia a lot of people says "I know yes I know and I can" including me. But actually very few people truly can do. I think Hepta-sat Hands on Education program will increase peoples who truly can do in Mongolia.

Feedback from CLTP

The CLTP9 was very significant experience that gave pico-satellites subsystems and improved my engineering skills. Even though Hepta-sat Hands-on education program was in short time period, it very effectively gave a lot of knowledge in satellite subsystems, and improved my programming, speaking skill in English also increase desire to learn new things. Teaching staff and other CLTP9 participants were very friendly and helpful. In addition, I am pleased to meet and became good friends a lot of interesting and smart people who have varies backgrounds, from different countries. Finally I am glad to visited in Japan and learned a lot of things from Japanese cultures and people. Thank you CLTP9!.

Future vision

Write a project about applying Hepta-sat Hands-on education program in Mongolia Educational system to Mongolian foundation of Science and Technology. Also I want to do my Ph.D in Japan.

Message for future CLTP participants

I very recommend you guys to participate in CLTP-10 for best experiences in your life. You will not regret.

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