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Sibel Türkoğlu

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Bio Presentation
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Present Status: Phd Student and Research Assistant
Present position: Research Assistant in IStanbul Technical University
Field of Specialization: Attitude Determination and Control
Present Research Interests: Attitude Determination and Control, GNC, Cubesat

Statement of Purpose

As a research assistant, I've been part of 2 different nanosatellite projects, mainly worked on attitude determination and control subsystem. Also, I've been one of the teaching assistants of "Spacecraft Systems Design" lectures for senior students in my department. Despite my experience about nanosatellites, I've never created a working satellite as a whole, on my own before CLTP.
Assembly, integration and test of a HEPTA-Sat, which includes all main satellite subsystems, with the guidance of CLTP family provided me more solid understanding about how the subsystems functions and how to integrate subsystems into a satellite, which completed missing points on my satellite design knowledge. Thus, i will be more beneficial for students of my faculty and for the cubesat projects in Turkey.

Feedback from CLTP program

CLTP program was way beyond my expectations. First phase was online lessons, which helped me a lot to refresh my knowledge about the subsystems. Although, i had cubesat experience before, this was the first time to integrate each and every subsystems by myself and building a satellite from scratch while testing the all components during the process. It was truly great experience. I've learned so much in a such short amount of time, thanks to great CLTP family.

Vision for the Future

As a research and teaching assistant, with the help of our training and HEPTA-Sat kit, I will easily relay the experience to the senior students in my class and trainees in our laboratory that are undergraduate students from Turkey and abroad, even sometimes high school students.

Message for future CLTP participants

Real nanosatellite projects take too much time, months or sometimes years. On the other hand, CLTP is a great opportunity to learn all subsystems of a cubesat and even design your own mission just in a few days! Moreover with the online lessons you will have the background information before the hands-on trainings. So, if you are looking for a proper training to learn the fundamentals of satellite design while building your own cubesat with the guidance of a great team, CLTP is the best option.

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