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CLTP graduates' leadership in their countries!
CLTP graduates' leadership in their countries!

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Eddy Marcelo Vino Contreras

Class of CLTP8

Bio Presentation
Bio Final Presentation

Present Status: Master of Electric Engineer
Present position: Interim Research Professor at Universidad Mayor de San Andres – Bolivia
Interim Professor at Universidad Privada Boliviana
Field of specialization: Electronics, Telecommunication
Present Research Interests: Nanosatellites, Reconfigurable On-board Computers, Reconfigurable Software Defined Radio

Statement of Purpose

Aerospace is a great opportunity for developing countries like Bolivia to develop technology and contribute to the international community. Since the purchase of Bolivia's telecommunications satellite, it is my dream to design and launch a nanosatellite made by Bolivian professionals. With such a project, many disciplines get involved, and this translates into an ideal environment for people from different cities to get involved in a common project and develop many collateral projects in many study fields. Besides, the achievement of setting an own artifact into space is not only exciting, but unifying which is crucial for people to pull together and a better future.

Feedback from CLTP program

The CLTP 8 program was a very enriching experience that could strengthen my satellite subsystems knowledge and expand my systems engineering skills. The HeptaSAT is a great tool for hands-on training that involves the participant in each one of the satellite subsystems. This approach will be very useful not only in Cansat, but in real satellite projects. Besides, the wide panorama seen in the CLTP can guide a project manager's focus in a satellite project. Finally, the teaching staff was very friendly, patient and helpful. All this together made CLTP one of the most wonderful experiences I ever had.

Vision for the future

Developing and launching a Cansat is only the beginning, the next step is to develop and launch a Cubesat. What's more, to train undergraduate students and motivate them into aerospace, Cansat courses and contests can be held based on the CLTP experience. In this development for the future, also many mission ideas can arise and have a great impact in future real satellite missions.

Message for future CLTP participants

I encourage people to take the CLTP because you will gain a lot of experience in each subsystem. Besides, I would recommend them to think mission ideas for the Satellite they will develop prior to the course. It is also a great experience to meet people from different countries with the same interest, and specially, I will always remember the hospitality and human warmth brought by the Japanese at the CLTP.

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