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Abinish Kumar Dutta

Class of CLTP8

Bio Presentation
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Present Status: Undergraduate student
Present position: Senior undergraduate student of Mechanical Engineering at Kathmandu University, Nepal
Current research interests: Hypersonic aerothermodynamics (especially scramjet propulsion for SSTO flight), Nano/Pico-Satellite development

Statement of Purpose

HEPTA-Sat being more sophisticated than CanSats can be a very effective educational tool for basic space engineering education. It will certainly prove to be very handy for my mission of making space engineering more accessible to young students and enthusiasts in my country. It will also act as a good first step in the development of a real pico/nano-satellite currently being earmarked among like-minded space enthusiasts in Nepal.

Feedback from CLTP program

The program proved to be very effective and well-suited for all different kinds of trainees with an engineering background and a wide range of skill-sets. It gave me a clear idea of what other skills I require for proper involvement in systems engineering projects and where my weaknesses lie. The tasks can be further restructured in a manner that is more befitting among beginners.

Vision for the future

aim to use HEPTA-Sat to further my objective of making space engineering more accessible to aspiring students in my country, get more people interested and push for future inclusion of the field in the academia. This would make way for the realization of my vision of making Nepal a space-faring nation in the foreseeable future, however big the challenges might be. Also, I want to make way for a deeper collaboration between educational institutions in our country and organizations like UNISEC. This will give them further access to the necessary resources and relevant people in the field.

Message for future CLTP participants

CLTP gives a thorough introduction to the basics of space engineering to those willing to get into the field, especially those aiming to be educators. It's a good first step. Fully recommended.

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