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CLTP graduates' leadership in their countries!
CLTP graduates' leadership in their countries!

program description of CLTP5

Omer Soykasap

Class of CLTP6


Bio Bio

Present Status: Developing Deployable Reflector for X-band Antenna
Present position: Professor of Material Science and Engineering
Afyon Kocatepe University
Field of specialization: Aerospace Engineering
Present Research Interests: Composite materials, innovative concepts for space structures, deployable space structures, support structures, solar arrays, and composite materials applied to spacecraft, development of lightweight structures for satellites and launchers, antennas (reflector and array, passive and active ones)

Statement of Purpose

The CanSat Leader Training Program (CLTP) will enable me to have an experience for the entire cycle of CanSat development from design to launch. I will learn the space technology and teaching methods utilized in CanSat. I will have important skills such as system analysis and design, implementing fault tolerance, assembly/integration/test, and project management. Having completed CLTP, I will become a qualified teacher and leader of CanSat training. I will teach the CanSat to students at the new faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics at AKU and interested students of the other faculties. I am a member of UTEB (Space Technology and Education Union) of Turkey, which organized the CanSat training programs last year. Therefore I will also teach the program at national level in such an organization of UTEB in future.

Feedback from CLTP program

It was a great experience, and beyond my expectations. The CanSat Leader Training Program (CLTP) enabled me to have an experience for the entire cycle of CanSat development and teaching methods.

Message for future CLTP participants

I strongly recommend participation in future CLTPs. You would enjoy and have fun.

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