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Khaled Youssef Kamel

Class of CLTP12

Present status: Associate Professor of Space Communications at Faculty of Navigation Science and Space Technology, BSU University, Egypt
Present position: Vice Dean for Post Graduate Studies & Research
Field of specialization: Space communications and navigation technology for deep missions. He has a recent focus on industry 4.0 technologies and its relation with space4.0 trend.
Research Interests: Lunar missions , space rovers, remote sensing technologies for planet observations.

Statement of Purpose

  1. Exposure of training methodology on CubeSat in light of state-of-art techniques on how to get students engaged in hands-on training in a seamless and easy to learn way.
  2. Connections with people from different areas with space background
  3. Benchmarking on the progress state we have in terms of education methodologies
  4. Benchmarking on the progress state we have in terms of prototyping techniques

Feedback from CLTP12

  • Well organized training with a specific objective
  • Very good exposure to different aspects of CubeSat implementation methodology.
  • Very good exposure to different cultures in the training whereas people understand each other methodologies and how the world think of space in general.
  • Smart hands on experience that is based on well-prepared experiments that focus on touching the concepts in short time.
  • Simulation of real mission environment and spirits
  • Very helpful teaching assistants that support and guide through the course and bridge the gap of cultural difference.
  • And Last but not least, the warm welcoming, punctuality , and support of the administration and management of this program 1 month before the course , the management of safe presence is really amazing.


Vision for the future

  • resume engagement with AOTS through a continuous learning platform whereas instructors and researchers across all CLTP's can share teaching content and support continuous improvement of materials and training mechanisms.
  • Extend the capabilities towards research , whereas joint space missions with member countries can be developed and tested under supervision of AOTS.

Message for future CLTP participants

  • It is important to focus on the training material that is provided 3 weeks before the course and pay enough time for it.
  • Be arriving to the training country at least one full day before the start of the course for enough self-preparations.
  • Enjoy the time of the training and get just involved what is needed in the hands on experience
  • The course is not a programming or embedded course . So focus on the system engineering concepts and the project management methodologies.
  • Ask your professor and learn from his experience as much as you can.

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