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Sidiki ZONGO

Class of CLTP12

Present status: Active lecture at the Dept. of Physics UJKZ
Present position: Assistant. Prof & 1 of the focal point of the National Space Science and Technology Initiative
Field of specialization: Physics
Research Interests: Optics & Photonics
Renewable energy

Statement of Purpose

I joined the CLTP12 hoping that the CLTP12 will provide me with an opportunity to learn more about the CubeSat technology and provide me the necessary skills to be one of the key person in our national space program. I also believe that the program will provide with me to be a catalyst at not only within my university community and researchers, but the general community as well. In addition, the program will create a space of collaboration all the participants and other local partners.

Feedback from CLTP12

Beside the fact that CLTP12 gave me solid and strong background and foundation on CubeSat concept, I also have opportunity to learn on how important is teamwork and human relationships. The training was extremely important. I really enjoy the CLTP12
I'm thankful to UNISEC and all those who are involved for giving me opportunity to participate the CLTP12

Vision for the future

  • Participate and engage in our national Space Program
  • Promote the space technology and engineering back home and all over the African continent

Message for future CLTP participants

The CLTP 12 was a pleasant and successful program and I encourage the future CLTP participants to capture the opportunity to learn much as the can because it the unique opportunity they wont get elsewhere.

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