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Merey Ibraim

Class of CLTP12

Present status: Doctoral student
Present position: Professor's assistant
Field of specialization: Space Engineering and Technology
Research Interests: CAD\CAM\CAE, communication system actuators, satellite system

Statement of Purpose

From my point of view, partics in the CLTP program has provided me with the opportunity not only to delve into spacecraft design but also to develop skills in imparting acquired knowledge to colleagues and students from the Republic of Kazakhstan. I believe that the CLTP program has helped me accumulate a wealth of experience and deepen my expertise in this field.

Feedback from CLTP12

For me, CLTP was more than just a program. This program met my hopes and expectations. The course was very informative, we had to not only think about it but also put the knowledge into practice. I made friends with wonderful people and gained international experience. Special mention should be made of the teaching methodology, which makes you go even deeper into the material. Thank you for your trust.

Vision for the future

At the moment, I have been working in the field of space technology for more than 3 years, and all my professional knowledge continues to actively improve my skills, and share my accumulated experience with others. Participation in the CLTP program will give me the opportunity to transfer my experience in a more visible and effective way, and, just as importantly, to apply the learned knowledge and practical skills in real-life situations.

Message for future CLTP participants

I highly recommend the CLTP program. Here you can gain not only knowledge and experience, but also create new long-term friendships and business relationships. This program offers not only exciting learning moments, but also a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people from different countries, which will broaden your professional and personal environment.

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