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Abdulla Hil Kafi

Class of CLTP12

Present status: Professional
Present position: Lecturer, Brac University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Field of specialization: Satellite, CubeSat, Robotics, PCB Designing. Embedded system
Research Interests:
  • System Engineering
  • Embedded System and Firmware Development
  • Satellite System Design and Space Radiation
  • Earth observation & Satellite Image Classification
  • Application based autonomous System using ML & DL (UAV, UGV, Robotics & IOT)

Statement of Purpose


  1. To learn how to educate of the of the educator
  2. Increasing importance of space exploration and its potential to shape the future of our nation.
  3. To make the next generation of engineers
  4. To know about Japanese way of documentation in explaining technical things in easy and simple way
  • International Collaboration
  • Supporting National Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Technical Infrastructure

Feedback from CLTP12

  1. My sincere appreciation for the effort and dedication put forth by the entire team at CLTP12 Prof, TA.
  2. The curriculum was well-structured and covered a comprehensive range of topics.
  3. The hands-on approach was particularly effective even with the people who doesn't have prior experience.

Maintain the SLACK for continued engagement after the training program, such as access to organize webinars, or follow-up workshops to address any questions that may arise during the implementation in our own country.

Vision for the future

  1. In my institution I will launch the CLTP Local training with the collaboration with UNISEC GLOBAL.
  2. Do outreach program to encourage the students to join space education program.
  3. Make a active group of people who will be dedicated for the HEPTA-Sat build.

Message for future CLTP participants

This program is great for the educator. If you want to be the leader at your own country to teach Space Education to other, you should grab the opportunity.

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