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Omar Enrique Blas Morales

Class of CLTP11

Present status: Bachelor's degree National University of Engineering
Present position: Researcher in small satellites at the National University of Engineering.
Field of specialization: Small satellites, space project management, satellite imagery processing.
Research Interests: Artificial intelligence with satellite imagery, quantum communications, impact of satellites on society.

Statement of Purpose

"The CLTP is a very interesting and didactic complete satellite cycle program. The Japanese program marked a before and after in my way of understanding the world of satellites, now I understand that building satellites is within everyone's reach if they wish to participate. Also, I had the opportunity to be side by side with the other participants of the CLTP, they are true talents in satellites. Above all, the course organizers are eminent and committed to transmitting knowledge on small satellites. It was an honor to be part of CLTP 11 and I am committed to pass on this satellite initiative to all my colleagues."

Feedback from CLTP11

"CLTP is the only program I have ever known that shows you the complete cycle of a satellite by the experts in small satellites. The program is not only unique because of the knowledge it offers, but also because of the contact it has with its participants, the CLTP community becomes a family that grows with each new edition. I am happy to be part of this family."

Vision for your future

"I believe that CLTP participants can become agents of change in their places of origin; it is our responsibility to pass on our knowledge. The future looks promising and full of uncertainty, but CLTP participants will work together to build a prosperous space future."

Message for the potential CLTP participants

"The CLTP is an amazing adventure in one of the best countries in the world, if you like to learn about space technology this is the best experiential program. You will change the way you see the world after this experience, study hard and be successful. Do not hesitate to consult the UNISEC Global community if you have any questions."

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