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Juan Sumaya-Martinez

Class of CLTP11

Present status: PhD Researcher in Optics and Photonics
Present position: Senior Reasearcher in Optics and Photonics at University of the State of Mexico, Mexico.
Field of specialization: Nanosatellite development, Optics and Photonics.
Research Interests: CubeSat development, hyperspectral imaging systems.

Statement of Purpose

There are various reasons why I w2anted to join the CanSat/CubeSat Leader Training Program (CLTP). As a physicist I have always interested in space technology development, particularly in the data analysis and processing of satellite data in order to have human capital in priority tasks such as protecting the population against natural disasters, forest fires, education and health to distance, and other strategic items.

Feedback from CLTP11

The program has been very useful for my professional development. As a physicist I knew little about the development of cubesat and cansat but with the CLTP I have learn the space technology and teaching methods utilized in space engineering.
I think it is one of the best intensive programs to develop skills in the aerospace sector for beginners. Finally, it is important to mention that CLTP give us chance to forge strong bonds with fellow colleagues in the space sector from other countries.

Vision for your future

Development of small satellites should not be a one-off activity. I foresee a future when there is a sustained and continuous development of these instruments and space sciences education as well.
I think in the coming years space science subjects will be a mandatory part of most STEM curriculum in science education.

Message for the potential CLTP participants

I encourage everyone interested in developing nanosatellite technology to participate in the CLTP program. You will learn the essential concepts and be able to build a small satellite through hands experiences using CanSat (HEPTA Sat) and to be leaders of space technology in our home countries.

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