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Jonathan Corbo Maglasang

Class of CLTP11

Present status: Professor
Present position: Director, Center for Emerging Engineering Technologies Cebu Technological University, Cebu City, Philippines
Field of specialization: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Research Interests: Advanced Vehicle and Energy Systems Engineering

Statement of Purpose

I consider the CanSat/CubeSat Leader Training Program (CLTP) as a particularly important course for someone who wants to engage in hands-on and actual experience of the whole cycle of small satellite development, from design to integration to launch by model rocket. In this program, I hoped to gain more practical knowledge and specialty skills on space technologies that I could readily share and impart more effectively to our young students in the Philippines. The CLTP is also a great opportunity for me to pursue space-related endeavors in the future with possible international cooperation.

Feedback from CLTP11

The CLTP experience is really amazing because we learned many important details of the practical knowledge in the whole cycle of small satellite development which used to be only theoretical before joining the training program. It was a great learning experience from experts and new friends from other countries.

Vision for your future

The appreciated knowledge and specialty skills from CLTP will be shared not only to students and teachers but also to different government agencies through mentoring, workshops and trainings, and the conduct of various space-related activities to even widen space awareness in my country. I will continue to connect and engage with my CLTP peers in conducting space-related activities especially those that require more international cooperations. I will contribute as well in developing space technologies that could help our archipelagic country especially against the ill-effects of climate change.

Message for the potential CLTP participants

With CLTP, you will learn a lot of practical and powerful tools, and in-depth knowledge that you can readily apply not only to satellite development but to all other areas of your studied discipline. The short but extremely worthwhile training is packed with fun, challenges, unbelievably satisfying learning experiences, and great opportunities!

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