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John Ryan C. Dizon

Class of CLTP11

Present status: Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Professional Industrial Engineer
Present position: Full Professor and Director of BPSU DR3AM Center
Field of specialization: 3D Printing, Materials Characterization, Computer Simulation, Polymers, Composites, and Superconductors.
Research Interests: 3D Printing Applications for furniture, water desalination, construction, education, supercapacitors, hydrologic monitoring system, satellites.

Statement of Purpose

To use my expertise on 3d printing, Computer-Aided-Design and Computer-Aided-Engineering in the design and prototyping of satellite structure and its components.

Feedback from CLTP11

The HEPTA-Sat Training Program is a very effective way to quickly learn satellite design and engineering. This training program essentially promotes STEM Education and covers diverse fields including computer programming (coding), electronics, communications, project management, structural and materials design, systems engineering/integration. Moreover, this training program promotes the 21st Century Learning Skills, i.e. Critical Thinking (during the mission and system design), Collaboration (during system assembly and integration), Communication (during mission design presentation and teaching practice), and Innovation (during mission and system design).

Vision for your future

I hope that the 3d printing technology will be extensively used in the prototyping and development of satellite components. I also hope that we can conduct the HEPTA-Sat training in my country, the Philippines.

Message for the potential CLTP participants

I encourage everyone to join this training. It would be nice if you have a good background in coding (computer programming using C++ and Python), electronics, communications systems, material characterization, and project management.

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