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Mohammad Fahim Sultan Anoy

Class of CLTP11

Present status: Undergraduate, BRAC University
Present position: Student
Field of specialization: Electronic Engineering & Intelligent Systems
Research Interests: Satellite Constellation, Integrated Sensors, Nanoelectronics

Statement of Purpose

As for my undergraduate studies, I am part of a satellite research project, where I work with sensors and on-board computing systems. Moreover, not being well versed in the field, I want to get ahead and learn more about space systems.
I consider that CLTP will allow me to understand the anatomy of satellites, and apply my understanding in designing more sophisticated systems. And by gaining knowledge and experience in developing CubeSat, I would be able to facilitate discussion sessions and promote events for networking and sharing mission ideas. It will also be an opportunity to encourage activities between UNISEC-Bangladesh and other local chapters.

Feedback from CLTP11

The CLTP program was a remarkable experience, it provided an intensive and comprehensive knowledge-building opportunity for designing satellite missions. The HEPTA-sat training module was ideal for learning basic satellite design, it provided detailed instructions for integrating and verifying different subsystems. Throughout the program, I developed extensive knowledge about systems engineering, designing space missions, and project management. In addition, the program was designed to be interactive and suitable for learners from any background.

Vision for your future

To develop and promote the designing of space systems, especially low earth orbit satellite missions. Moreover, to share my experience and learnings with others. In addition, to develop an interest in initiating research projects in space engineering and encouraging active participation in regional activities.

Message for the potential CLTP participants

CLTP is designed for learning the fundamentals of satellite development, and with the help of the HEPTA-sat module, it provides a piece of extensive knowledge about the subsystems of fundamental satellites. Aside from this, the program is suitable for anyone who wants to gain knowledge for launching satellite projects.
The program was a challenge for me at first, but it was a wonderful learning experience, this encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and learn a lot. Hence, anyone curious about making their satellite programs should participate in CLTP.

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