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CLTP graduates' leadership in their countries!
CLTP graduates' leadership in their countries!

program description of CLTP11

Bikalpa Dhungana

Class of CLTP11

Present status: Undergraduate Student
Present position: Satellite Research Fellow
Field of specialization: Satellite Structure Design
Research Interests: Education Through Satellite

Statement of Purpose

Being a Structural Design enthusiast in the field of Satellite technology, I am engaged in providing Satellite Training programs and workshops to young minds around different schools here in Nepal. I am currently involved in Satellite research and development as well. I hope CLTP will provide me an opportunity to understand how satellites, CubeSats, and CanSats training programs are conducted outside Nepal. This will help us to deliver improved training programs and workshops here in Nepal. I will also get the opportunity to get acquainted with like-minded people from a variety of backgrounds and countries.

Feedback from CLTP11

The overall training period was slightly tough due to the tight schedule, but it was worth working. Throughout the initial phase of satellite mission development to final satellite launch, I had the opportunity to observe, learn and develop hands-on skills alongside. The course of HEPTASat was developed in such a way that anyone with basic technical skills and knowledge can understand and learn about it. The instructors present made the entire learning process quite easier.

Vision for the future

My vision for tomorrow is to be able to fulfill the dream of aspirants who do not have the means to do it themselves.

Message for future CLTP participants

CLTP is the best platform to start your journey to learn about satellites. And the combination of HEPTASat with CLTP has taken the program to the next level.I encourage potential CLTP participants to grab the opportunity to enhance their learning experience through the CLTP training program on satellite development.

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