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Muhammad Aizzat Iqbal Bin Abd Rashid

Class of CLTP11

Present status: Engineer
Present position: Mechatronics Engineer, SpaceIn Sdn Bhd
Field of specialization: Electronics and Communication System
Research Interests: Space System and Satellite System

Statement of Purpose

As someone who is not originally from the Aerospace field, involving myself in the satellite design and development is a very challenging task. CLTP provides the essential knowledge and training especially for a beginner like me. I hope that I can learn as much as I can and deliver back the knowledge in order to helps improving the exposure and growth of space technology in Malaysia.

Feedback from CLTP11

The CLTP provide an intensive and focus training which gives the participant as much knowledge as they can. It helps me to improved not only in term of technical skills, but also in soft skill. CLTP is the best platform to learn about fundamental of satellite as the program integrates the hands-on and theoretically method. With the help of Prof. Yamazaki and the training instructor, the training progress have become more smoothly as they are very dedicated in guiding us to learn. Aside from that, CLTP does not stop at learning only. We (participant) also learnt on how to become a teacher and guiding our magnificent student (CLPT short course participant) by delivering the knowledge that we have gain. By doing so, it helps me to strengthen my understand on the satellite design and development and how to share the technology with the others. Participant from all over the world makes this program become a whole as I learnt how to communicate and become professional when it comes to dealing with others from a different culture, in addition improving my teamwork. Credits also to the AOTs parties who always have been considerate and provides us with a very comfortable accommodation and ease our learning progress. I am really happy to be able to attend this program and really thankful to the parties involved in succeeding this program.

Vision for the future

To design and develop a cansat or cubesat for education in order to deliver the knowledge and expose the space technology to the students in school level. To design and develop the pocketqube and use the chances to explore more about the space technology.

Message for future CLTP participants

This is the best chance you can get in learning and get knowledge about the space system and technology, especially satellite. Hepta-sat is a very well develop cubesat, so try to use the capability of the Hepta-sat to the fullest. Don't forget to enjoy the program and enjoy Japan.

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