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Zaid Sanchez Escate

Class of CLTP10

Present status: Undergraduate Student
Present position: Research student in the artificial intelligence laboratory UNI
Field of specialization: Mechatronic Engineering
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Small Satellites

Statement of Purpose

The development of aerospace in Latin America is considered very low, as is the motivation to study science. I believe that teaching the construction and design of a small satellite can encourage more people in the area of science and especially in the aerospace area, as well as helping to understand how to manage projects.

Feedback from CLTP10

Programs like this, especially those for high school students, are fundamental; I have sadly noticed that in my country many students are not motivated to go on to engineering or scientific careers, and I feel strongly that this lack of interest must be changed. I am sure that the HEPTA-Sat project is a great way to involve students and get them to gain practical experience related to technology careers. The program met all my expectations of the program; the practical experience in developing all phases of a project was an incredible experience, as we worked from the conception of the project to its launch, through mechanical manufacturing, electronic programming and all the steps necessary for its success.

Vision for the future

I want to bring this experience to my country especially to high school and early college students, as I believe it will help the understanding of project management, programming fundamentals, electronics and mechanical design. It is a good way to encourage engineering and science careers in my country.

Message for future CLTP participants

It is an excellent program, where you learn, have fun and meet people from other parts of the world. You begin to be part of this community in constant growth. All the technical team works non-stop to have everything well prepared every day, it is really a great effort that all of them make. Make the most of each day because it is a unique experience.

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