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Muhawenayo Gedeon

Class of CLTP10

Present status: Researcher in machine intelligence for satellite data and imagery, Electronics and telecom engineering graduate from University of Rwanda
Present position: Masters student at African Institute for Mathematical Sciences-Ghana
Field of specialization: Machine Learning for imagery / image segmentation and objects detection (satellite images)
Research Interests: Machine learning algorithms and Convolution Neural Networks for satellite data and imagery, Remote sensing

Statement of Purpose

I attended CLTP-10 to learn about satellites systems and space engineering. I believe CanSat training to be a good precursor for everyone who really want to specialize into satellite systems and space engineering among others. I wish to utilize all skills acquired from the training to teach and train other Rwandans space technology, satellite systems and mission design. I hope space technology will be one of the field through which we will develop our countries's social economy, sustainable systems and self reliance of Africa.

Feedback from CLTP10

CLTP is really an intensive training program, which covers almost everything in a short period of time. It is well structured and you get to do practicals related to all theories covered in the program. Mission design helps participants tackle real satellites challenge by designing and implementing satellite mission using provided training kit. Furthermore, teaching assistants help trainees to learn well and very fast.

Vision for the future

I wish to see CLTP in other countries, specifically HEPTA-Sat training. My vision is to see this program throughout Rwanda and other parts of Africa.

Message for future CLTP participants

I would like to tell other participants to take CLTP as advantage and a way to direct their career into space engineering and satellite technology. In CLTP wou get all skills required for space and satellite technology. Furthermore, Everything is covered from scratch, there is a teaching practice course where you learn how you can share your skills and assist other trainees in the training. So, I would encourage everyone to participate in the training regardless her/his background.

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