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Michael Siddall

Class of CLTP10

Present Status:
  • Bachelor of Business and Information Technology (due for completion 2021)
  • ISU Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program 2019 Alumni
  • University of South Australia Executive Certificate Space Studies 2019
Present position: President of the University of South Australia Rocketry Club.
Field of specialization:

My initial background is Business and Information Technology

I am hoping to transition into the space industry whist using my skills I have acquired in my IT career and through training such as HEPTA-Sat and my hobbies such as electronics and rocketry.

Research Interests:
  • Impact of loss of satellites on human society.
  • Recovery strategies from a space asset loss event
  • Design of Rocket and satellite systems.

Statement of Purpose

I attended CLTP - 10 to learn about Satellites systems engineering and mission design. I am hoping to utilise this skills to help train people to acquire the skills of satellite engineering and mission design to help develop Australia's burgeoning space industry and provide the inspiration for the next generation required to develop Australian into a real participant in the space industry and the development of permanent Australia presence in space.

Feedback from CLTP10

The CLTP-10 is an intensive course that is demanding physically, intellectually stimulating and ensures that the candidate works to 100% of their abilities and provides the skills required for a candidate to design and develop and satellite mission using the HEPTA-Sat system and program and project management to ensure that your mission succeeds.

Vision for the future

My vision is to see the HEPTA-Sat Program throughout Australian Universities, Vocational training facilities and high schools and within the space industry to provide the skills our nation needs to participate in the space industry

Message for future CLTP participants

My message to future CLTP participants is if you want to learn about satellite engineering and systems development HEPTA-Sat will teach the fundamentals of how a cube satellite sends and receives data and transmits it to the ground station and how to control a cube satellite

HEPTA-Sat is the way to learn about the process of satellite of engineering development from the main systems through to designing and implementing and integrating your experimental packages in to HEPTA-Sat system.

You will meet a lot of talented people and will learn a lot from these talented individuals

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