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CLTP graduates' leadership in their countries!
CLTP graduates' leadership in their countries!

program description of CLTP10

Deborah Grace

Class of CLTP10

Present Status: Fresh Graduate
Present position: Researcher
Field of specialization: Electronic and Telecommunication
Research Interests: operation of small artificial satellite

Statement of Purpose

When I and my colleagues worked on a space project, we had few knowledge of satellites in general. In addition most of the skills acquired at school was theoretical more than practical. I hope CLTP brings all together both the practical part and the understanding part. And I also Hope that this intensive training provides me with a package of knowledge which I will carry to Rwanda, in hope to initiate and inspire other Rwandans to initiate space project.

Feedback from CLTP10

As I have expected the training provide with both an intensive hands on skill and understanding of the operation space and operation of small artificial satellite. The 2 weeks were extremely educative on different level. For instance acquiring detailed knowledge about hepta- sat at the same time assembling different subsystem of hepta-sat, I was mesmerized by how the training provide you with both an enhanced understanding of space and also with hands on practice. I was very delighted and happy to attend the training. Not only that, they also have equipped me with teaching expertise which will facilitate my sharing toward others in my county.

Vision for the future

My motivation and vision is to train others through what I have learned in this two weeks, In addition I would like to do more research about small artificial satellite. And found out how their can beneficial to my country and find out which applicable service that can be helpful to my society. I look toward building creative and innovative space project and look beyond the sky.

Message for future CLTP participants

Cltp training is one most interesting and educative training for everyone who like to acquire powerful tool and understanding of space operational and artificial satellite. It provides an enrich understanding of all subsystem of an artificial satellite and hands on practice. I would encourage each and every one who want to initiate space project but without the knowledge of space to go for it.

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